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Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is a widely recognised career planning and employee suitability instrument based on the work of John Holland's 'Theory of Career Choice' which gave rise to the RIASEC model, and is used globally by the corporate sector, educational organisations and for individual career planning.
It is ideal for those wanting to explore career options in line with their passions, for those considering a career change or transition and for those seeking to improve their level of satisfaction through work. 
Feel free to get in touch to discuss our range of reliable career assessment tools to see which option is best suited for you.

Jayne (Sales & Mkt Exec)

"I was fearful of changing career direction in my mid-40s but really felt I needed to for my sanity. I've always loved interacting with my older relatives and when the Strong Interest Inventory threw up some career options working with older people, it really resonated. I don't think I would have considered it as a career possibility otherwise."

James (Ops Manager)

"The impact of COVID on our business was fierce. I wasn't expecting to lose my job, so felt out of my depth when it happened. Katie introduced me to the SII which helped me uncover alternative paths to investigate and since we met mid 2020, I am now well into my further studies which will qualify me for a healthcare technical role which is very much in demand."

Abe (Fashion Designer)

"I had always wanted to design buildings rather than clothes & shoes but somehow got sucked into that line of business. It's a big step to change the course of your career when things are going well, but I felt I wasn't being true to my real passion. The Strong Interest gave me the confidence to follow my dreams, and I'm happy that it is the right decision for me."


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