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The Morrisby Online careers assessment tool offers a reliable, holistic assessment designed to help individuals in career discovery and exploration, and in career decision-making. Morrisby Online is a highly regarded psychometric tool, that accurately & reliably measures aptitudes, personality, interests, learning styles and much more. Originally developed in the UK, it was introduced into Australia in 2003 and is now used extensively by public & private schools across Australia.
Katie is fully accredited, & has used Morrisby Online to help numerous private clients as well as being involved with the current delivery of the Morrisby Online program to Victorian state schools involving all Year 9 students.

Morrisby Online


Emma (parent)

I asked Katie to help my Yr11 son explore what career directions he might be interested in looking at. My Yr9 son had already used the Morrisby assessment as part of the Victorian Gov't program & it was totally life-changing for my eldest boy who had felt overwhelmed and disinterested by what was happening at school.

Sam (Yr12 student)

Hi Katie, I have to thank you for spending time last weekend to go through my Morrisby. I am so excited having found 4 careers that I'm interested in. I feel so relieved to have found something I want to do I can now focus on working hard this year!

Izra (Uni student)

Appreciate spending time with you recently Katie as I'm more confident about what career choices I have and the pathways options I can look at to get the qualifications I need. Using the Morrisby & talking with you has cleared up many questions I had. Thank you.


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