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Job Search Ready

This coaching service, over three separate meetings, is for clients preparing to get ‘market-ready’ for their job search, so expect some pre-work to complete before our meetings!
We’ll dissect & review your resume together and take the time to explore what improvements are needed; you’ll maximise the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile, learning how to get the most out of this free platform, and lastly, develop a job search strategy that is focused, strategic and explores how to leverage your networks to reach untapped opportunities.


Who's saying what?

Paul (Utilities Exec)

Katie - I want to thank you for all the work you've put in to helping me get ready to hit the job market. You've shown great patience and grace as we've worked together closely over the last few weeks and the feedback I've had from close colleagues has been very positive.

Holly (Marketing Mgr)

Even though I market things for a living, putting the right words together to 'sell' myself was too close to home and working with Katie allowed me more objectivity in identifying what value I could bring to future employers. It's been a truly useful exercise and helped me consider myself in a new light.

Sandy (Bus Development)

COVID resulted in our multi-national company having several rounds of redundancies, and unfortunately my team and I got axed in the third wave. I'd spent 20years enjoying a steady rise through the ranks to my leadership position, so it was certainly a blow to my confidence (& ego) to be let go. Having thought deeply about what I wanted for the next challenge, I worked with Katie towards that goal, preparing my marketing documents with a focus on a niche B2B sector, and have been successful in tapping into that network, and have some prospective meetings lined up now, which I'm hoping will lead to a possible job.

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