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Strengths Profile for Teams and Individuals

The Strengths Profile identifies much more than those things we’re good at or capable of doing well. Strengths energise us when we perform them, and being motivated and enjoying these activities is what leads us to be engaged and productive as individuals, as part of a team, and across organisations.
The Expert Strengths Profile is a holistic assessment tool developed by CAPP (Centre of Applied Positive Psychology) in the UK and widely used globally. I’m excited to have added the Strengths Profile to my assessment toolkit as it not only identifies the strengths we currently use, but importantly, the Unrealised Strengths that are typically under-used …. and it is these Unrealised Strengths that present us with considerable opportunities. Read the evidence behind the Strengths-based approach here.
For Individuals - Research shows that people who use their strengths more
  • Perform better at work
  • Experience less stress
  • Have higher levels of resilience
  • Are more engaged at work
  • Are more confident
  • Are happier
  • Experience higher levels of energy & vitality
  • Are more likely to achieve goals
  • Are more effective at developing themselves & achieving personal growth
By tapping into the powerful Expert Strengths Profile and experiencing a meaningful 1:1 coaching debrief, individuals can identify strategies and tangible actions that help achieve work and life goals.
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Organisations also use the Strengths Profile as a powerful tool to help create high-performance teams. Read the Business Case here. The Strengths Profile can be hugely beneficial to
  • Tap into unused talent across the organisation
  • Hire more of the people you need
  • Improve individual performance
  • Build employee engagement
  • Improve teamwork
  • Increase diversity & positive inclusion
  • Increase openness to change & the ability to deal with change
  • Deal more positively with reorganisation
  • Contribute to the happiness & fulfilment of employees
Call Katie to learn more about the Strengths Profile and how it can benefit you, and your team or organisation.
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