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Career Design supports you whether you’re changing careers, seeking promotion within your current organisation, following retrenchment or redundancy, seeking a new role, in search of your first job or transitioning into retirement.
Whatever your career stage, working with Katie in Career Design, will enable and empower you to manage your career better, help guide and inform you when considering a major career change and educate you in life-long job search strategies and skills to succeed in following your chosen path. The outcome from a Career Design session is a tangible action plan to help bring clarity on the steps you need to take to reach your goals.
As part of the Career Design service, clients often undertake the Strengths Profile which is an excellent tool around which to base discussion on how to maximise your less-used strengths to improve work performance and your sense of wellbeing. Talk to Katie to understand more about this option.
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Career Design


Michael (S&M Mgr)

I'd been with the same company for over 15years & felt stuck in my career and unmotivated. My wife suggested I see a professional and it was great advice. I saw Katie over a 6month period to work through specific challenges and develop the skills & confidence I needed to take the leap and look for external roles. I have recently landed a new role with a larger company & a great culture & I'm optimistic about my future again!

Serena (Product Designer)

With Katie's guidance over a couple of Career Design sessions I learnt how competencies sit behind the recruitment process, and how to effectively address them at appropriate stages of the hiring cycle. With the added insights from a Strengths Profile, I felt more in tune with my own worth, and had the confidence to analytically approach my job search.

Will (Civil Engineer)

My career had consisted of working on a series of large scale infrastructure projects over the last 10years and I found myself fundamentally unsatisfied. Talking with Katie helped clarify some long-standing internal conflicts for me and I've since started lecturing undergraduate engineers and have found my true career-niche!


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