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Strengths-based Careers Coaching

Business People Mingling

Careers advice, informed guidance and robust insights to support your career journey

Why Katie Adler?

  • Careers advice from a post-graduate, professionally qualified careers consultant

  • Informed guidance from my own corporate experience in executive search, in-house talent acquisition, career coaching & ongoing professional development

  • Robust insights gained from selected empirically-researched psychometric tools that provide a scientific basis for our focused work together

  • Recognition that we're all different! What are your strengths & how do you leverage these to maximise your performance? 

Keyboard and Mouse

Careers Coaching

Career Design

Take your Career where you want it!

Exploration for Students

Future success begins with making the right choices

Perform at Interview

Put Your best foot forward at interview

Job Search Ready

Invest time to prepare fully

White Structure

Careers Assessment

Strengths Profile

for Teams & Individuals

What energises you? How will you use your Strengths to improve your well-being & performance?

Morrisby Online

Extensive career exploration aligned to your holistic profile

Strong Interest Inventory

What are your passions and how will you incorporate them into your career?

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